Purpose Jobs offers a basic integration with Workable, allowing you to export Candidates manually, as well as push Applications from your open positions on Purpose Jobs automatically into your Workable account.

In order to install this integration, your company needs to be a customer of both Purpose Jobs and Workable. Here’s a quick installation guide:

Inside your Workable account, click your user photo in the top righthand corner of the page and select Settings. Click on Integrations, then make a note of your Access Token.

Next, select Company profile in your lefthand navigation bar, and make a note of your company's Subdomain.

Then select Jobs in the top navigation bar, and click on Create a new job. In the Job title field, enter purpose-jobs. This text is case-sensitive, and must be entered exactly as shown in the screenshot below. Then click the Save & continue.

On the Application Form page, click on the down arrow to the right of the green Publish button in the top righthand corner of the page. Select USE INTERNALLY:

Now log in to your Purpose Jobs account, and navigate to Account Settings in the bottom lefthand corner of your dashboard, and then select Integrations. Click on Workable then paste the Access Token (API Key) and Subdomain (Workable Account). Hit the blue Add Integration button.

You’re in! Now you can manually export candidates from Purpose Jobs into your Workable account. To share, click the the up-arrow on the candidate's profile card, and select Send to Workable. In addition to manually exporting candidate profiles, applications to your open positions in Purpose Jobs will automatically be shared to your Workable account.

Each exported profile will be added to the internal purpose-jobs role you created, and automatically tagged with via purpose.jobs and the origin will be set as Sourced. To view, click on the role from the Jobs page, then select the Sourced option:

Email us at support@purpose.jobs if you have questions about our Workable integration.

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