Candidate Guidelines

  • Every candidate that you see applied to join Purpose Jobs on our site.

  • Candidates that you see are interested in jobs in your location. Most candidates are looking for full-time work. We occasionally share candidates that are looking for atypical roles (e.g. remote work, contract work, etc.).

  • If you'd like to refer a candidate (e.g. someone great that your team passed on, a friend looking for new opportunities, etc.) you can introduce them to our Community Manager, Hannah:

Platform Guidelines

  • You are required to inform us of any hires that you make and, where applicable, pay us the appropriate fee.

  • You cannot share Purpose Jobs candidates with anyone outside of your company.

Please use our email relay service to contact candidates. You can access a candidate's email relay address by clicking the ‘Send Email’ button. If your device doesn't open your preferred email provider, you'll need to update your default mailto settings.

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