When logged into the web dashboard, you can easily search through candidates by utilizing our Search functionality. To narrow your results, we recommend utilizing boolean operators to write specific search queries. We’ve rounded up some handy tips for utilizing boolean search in the Purpose Jobs platform below:

We’ve made the following candidate attributes searchable: resumes, names and skills. To limit results by attributes, utilize the filtering options in the sidebar. To learn more about our built-in search filters, consult our article Searching Candidates.

Use quotation marks and the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to write effective queries. These operators must be capitalized for queries to run properly. Examples:

For multi-word queries, quotation marks and the AND operator produce the same results:

You can utilize parenthetical statements to combine multiple queries. Examples:

If you have additional questions about writing effective search queries, feel free to reach out to support@purpose.jobs. We're here to help!

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