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How to leverage advanced filtering options
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When logged into the web dashboard, you can search through Active and Passive candidates easily using the Search functionality. You can think of these three categories as the following:

Active: Looking to make a change immediately.

Passive: Putting feelers out for new opportunities, but not in a hurry.

To begin, take a look at the filter bar at the top of your screen. You’ll see that the results default to all available candidates on the platform, bucketed into ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ groups.

Now, let's examine the filter panel on the right-hand side of your screen. First, you’ll be able to utilize ‘Keywords’. Here you can input your desired keyword in the search bar, and then select the grey and results will begin to auto-populate. You can use boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT to narrow your search. To do so, you’ll want to ensure you’re capitalizing them in order to return the most relevant results (i.e. “JavaScript” AND “Ruby on Rails”, as opposed to “JavaScript” and “Ruby on Rails”.):

If you’re not comfortable with boolean queries, you also have the option to search by ‘Skills’. As you begin to type, you can select the appropriate skill tag from the dropdown list. You can add as many, or as few as you like to narrow or broaden the results:

Below the Skills filter, you’ll find that you can filter by 'Roles'. To do so, press the ‘+ Add’ icon to expand the filter panel. You’ll see that there are a variety of different role types, ranging from Engineering to Sales. You can select multiple roles at once, if you’d like:

To search by 'Location', press the ‘+ Add’ icon to expand the filter panel, and then check the box beside the appropriate location (Ann Arbor, Detroit, Columbus or Remote). You can also filter for multiple locations at once.

Below the Location filter, you’ll see a sliding filter for years of ‘Experience’. It’s important to note that the years of experience filter will show you results where the candidate has the selected minimum years of experience for at least one of the selected roles in question.

At the bottom of the filter panel, you'll see another sliding filter for ‘Salary Range’. Many candidates aim high on salary, so it’s important to be mindful of this when selecting a firm range.

Once you've committed a search, your results will automatically populate at the same time in each of the Curated, Active and Passive lists. If you’d like to adjust the results, you can tweak the filters to modify the list in real-time.

Have questions about searching? Reach out to, and we’d be happy to lend a hand!

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