Reviewing Candidate Profiles
Information at your fingertips: what's on a candidate card
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When viewing a Candidate’s Profile within Purpose Jobs, you’ll see the following information, which has been provided by the Candidate directly:

  • Candidate name

  • Any relevant links (i.e. LinkedIn, GitHub, Portfolio URL, Candidate Resume)

  • A short professional summary

  • Target location, salary range and experience level

  • A list of the Candidate’s skills, values and interests

If you’d prefer to no longer see a particular candidate after reviewing their information, you can select the ‘X’ icon to skip them in the lower left corner of the Candidate Profile. If you’d like to bookmark a candidate, select the ‘♡’ icon. You can view your skipped or bookmarked candidates anytime by selecting ‘Sort By’:

If you’d like to share a candidate, you have a few options. If you’ve integrated with Greenhouse, you can click the up arrow on the ‘Share’ and elect to send the candidate directly into your Applicant Tracking System. If you’d like to share a Candidate via email with another Purpose Jobs user, select ‘Share with Team’. You also have a ‘Copy Candidate Link’ option so you can share the candidate’s profile in whatever platform works best for your team!

As a reminder, Purpose Jobs candidates should not be shared with anyone outside of your organization.

To contact a candidate, we recommend utilizing our email relay service, by pressing “Send Email’. To learn more, consult our article Sending Emails.

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