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Adding new job openings to increase your applicant volume
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Manage Jobs

It’s fast and easy to post and manage your jobs in your Purpose Jobs dashboard.

To get started, select ‘Jobs’ in the left-hand navigation bar. This will take you to the ‘Manage Jobs’ page, where you can view a full list of your active and deactivated job postings.

To post a brand new job, click '+ New Job'. To make changes to an existing job, simply click ‘Edit’. To turn a position on or off, toggle the ‘On/Off’ button.

Note: The 'Sync Jobs' button is available for use with partners who have an ATS integration setup.

Job Fields

To complete your job post, fill in the fields shown below.

How would you like to receive your applicants?

Choose from one of the three options below.

  • Export applicants to my ATS: Available to those who have an ATS integration setup, this setting auto-send candidates into your Applicant Tracking System. Candidates will be tagged with Purpose Jobs as the source.

  • Review my applicants in Purpose Jobs: When using this setting, you will need to review applications on the "Review Applicants" tab on the left-menu. You can bookmark, skip, or email candidates based on your interest in them.

  • Send applicants to my careers page: With this setting, you will be able to share an external link from your career page. In some cases, our team may need to approve your job which we will do within 24 business hours. Once approved and when candidates wish to apply, they will be directed to the link provided to submit their application. If they report having applied to your job in our system, they will still show up in your "Review Applicants" tab. If using this method, we encourage you to add "Purpose Jobs" to your referral drop down list on your application page or create a unique link to track applications from our site if possible.

Role, Location, Employment Type, Years of Experience

Job seekers use these fields to search for roles. Make sure to fill them in accurately.


Descriptions are required. Jobs with blank descriptions will not display to job seekers.


Skills are parsed automatically into two fields: "required skills" and "preferred skills". You are free to delete and/or add alternative skills from the original parsed list. Required skills will be limited to a quantity of two while preferred skills are limited to twelve.

Video / Audio

On each job post, you will have the option to add a media file (video or audio), giving candidates the opportunity to hear more about the role first hand. We recommend asking someone who currently sits in this position or the intended manager for the role.

To add a media file, scroll down to the bottom of the job post.

  • If you’re adding the file yourself, we recommend clicking “Add Video / Audio”. This will open a new tab via VideoAsk, the system we use to process the media files.

  • If someone else is creating the recording, please use the clipboard button or right click on the “Add Video / Audio” to copy the link. Share the URL, along with the email / instructions below, to the identified team member.

Note: Once you open the link, it will only be valid for 7 days. You will need to recopy the link if your team member does not complete the task before the link expires.

Sample Email / Instructions

Hi [team member name],

Thanks so much for being willing to talk about the [job title] position. We’re pumped to elevate our job description on Purpose with a media file.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Review this article for tips on creating recordings + prep your space

  2. Open this link (active for 7 days): [insert link]

  3. Choose “Video” or “Audio”

  4. Prep your talk track for a 1 - 2 minute recording. You can enable text and type up a talk track on the recording screen to guide yourself. You should answer one or more of the following prompts geared towards sharing more about the position:

    1. Why do you like this role?

    2. What does the day-to-day look like?

    3. Why will this role be important to the team?

    4. What will be exciting about this job?

  5. Hit “Record” to start (don’t forget to intro yourself)

  6. Review preview. Redo by hitting “No” if necessary

  7. Once you’re happy with the recording, hit “Yes” to send

  8. Let me know the recording is complete

If you run into any questions or problems, just let me know. Remember, the link is only active for 7 days so please complete it within that time frame.

Thanks so much!

[your name]

Confirm Media File Added

Once you or your team member confirms submission of the recording, give us 10 minutes to process the file.

Then, check the job posting to make sure it’s been added successfully and to add Name + Title of the recorder.

Upload A File

You do have the option to upload a video or audio file if you have one already created. Just remember, these videos should be specific to the job. Any general company videos should be added to your company profile page. The media file must also be under 120 seconds in length.

To upload a file, click the "Add Video / Audio" link at the bottom of the job description as shown above. Select the type of file you wish to upload. At the top of the recording screen, on the far right, is a cloud with an up arrow. Click this to upload your file.

Complete the steps as described above to confirm the media file added and to update the name and job title of the individual submitting the recording.

Sample Videos

Here are a few sample videos from the Purpose Jobs team:

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