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How to engage with sourced talent on the Purpose Jobs platform
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Once you’ve located a candidate you’d like to contact, you can get in touch with them directly from within Purpose Jobs. To do so, press the green ‘Send Email’ button in the lower right corner of the Candidate Profile:

This will open a pre-populated email draft in your preferred email client. Feel free to adjust the copy as you see fit:

There are a few distinct benefits to utilizing our email system:

  • It signals to Candidates that you’re reaching out via Purpose Jobs, and in turn, improves your Candidate Response Rate.

  • If you reach out to a Candidate utilizing this tool and they don’t respond to your email, our team is notified and will follow up with the candidate directly, making candidate engagement less manual for your team.

  • When you begin a conversation with a Candidate via our email relay service, their information is easy to locate within the tool by navigating to ‘Sort By’ and selecting ‘Sent Email’ from the drop down menu:

If you find that pressing the ‘Send Email’ button is directing you to the wrong email client, you can remedy this by updating your default mailto settings.

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