Once you've created your Purpose Jobs employer account, you can now start creating a company page. This is a page on our app that highlights all the great parts about working at your company. You'll be able to showcase your culture, highlight your people, and give a behind the scenes look at your company. Not a mention, all articles we've written for you will display on this page.

Here's the Purpose Jobs company page, for an example.

This is a public facing page. Candidates can see this when they look at your job postings. We also link to these pages from our blog. Job seekers do not need an account to view this page. Candidates can also see your open jobs on your company page and click "apply" right there.

To create a company profile, log into your Purpose Jobs employer account. On the left had side of the screen, click "Profile." From there you can click on the blue "Edit" icons to add information about your company, update your logo, add photos, share information about your culture, and add employee testimonial videos.

About VideoAsk

VideoAsk is how we easily upload employee testimonial videos. Simply click +Add Team Member and Video to get started.

You'll be taken to VideoAsk where you can easily record a short 30 - 60 second video telling candidates more about life at your company. Share some information about why you like your job, or maybe talk more about your mission. You can never go wrong with letting a candidate know what a day in the life at your company looks like.

Once you send the video, it'll take a few minutes for VideoAsk to process it. But don't worry, it'll show up on your company page soon.

To get more people from your team sharing videos on the company page, invite them to your Purpose Jobs account. (Please note, sending them the link to the VideoAsk will not work. They'll need to do it from the Purpose Jobs app.)

Once you've completed your profile and are ready to set it live, let Jonathan know and he'll make it happen.

Your company page is totally yours. If you want to make edits, update some photos, or switch out team members, you can go ahead and make edits to your company page at any time.

If you need help with anything, always feel free to reach out to Jonathan: jonathan@purpose.jobs

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