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Finalizing Your Profile
Finalizing Your Profile
How to make your profile more discoverable to employers
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While you're not required to complete your profile in order to search for and apply to jobs, completing your profile will increase your visibility to employers.

Your Candidate Profile is what organizations in our network will see when they search the database. We recommend making your profile as robust as possible to increase proactive engagement from companies in our network.

To begin, log in to your account and select the "Profile" option on the left-hand side menu (shown below). This page will allow you to make updates to your profile at any time. Be sure to hit "Save" at the bottom any time you make edits.

Complete Your Profile

Move through each field of your profile, filling in all relevant information. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Photo — This field is optional, but if you do choose to upload a photo make sure it is professional.

  • LinkedIn — We often see job seekers paste in the wrong LinkedIn profile. Double check to make sure the link works and is you!

  • GitHub or Portfolio — Not everyone will have one of these, but if you have a portfolio to share with employers, they will want to see it.

  • Where are you in your job search journey? — It's really important to keep this field up-to-date. Recruiters are often sourcing talent from the Purpose Jobs app, and we want to make sure they're not trying to contact job seekers that aren't actually looking for a job... If you job search status changes, please be sure to update this status.

  • Companies to hide your info from (optional) — If you want to keep your profile hidden from a company (i.e. your current employer), search for them in this field in case they're one of our partners.

  • Upload your resume — Your resume is your first impression! Make sure it is error free and loads correctly. We recommend a .pdf or .doc file type.

  • Skills — These are generally auto-populated from your resume. You can then add/edit the skill tags on your profile, but make sure to add as many appropriate tags as possible -- this is how your profile will be discoverable by hiring managers.

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