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Report a Hire & Update Your Status
Report a Hire & Update Your Status
Steps to take after landing your next job!
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Congratulations on receiving an offer from a Purpose Jobs company! We’d love to hear from you, even if you decide the job isn't for you, so please let us know each time you’ve received an offer from one of our companies.

To report an offer or hire, email our team or complete this survey to let us know!

To update your job search status, log in to your Purpose Jobs account and under 'Profile', update the 'Where are you in your job search journey?' question to the 'Closed to offers' toggle.

If you’ve received and accepted an offer from a company outside of our network, or if you’ve made the decision to end your job search, please let us know, so that we can mark your profile as unavailable.

If you are currently in process with any Purpose Jobs companies or have any unanswered outreach messages, and you have accepted another position, we recommend reaching out to those organizations to let them know you are no longer interviewing.

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