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Step-by-step guide to configuring your ATS
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Purpose Jobs integrates with Lever, allowing you to automatically export candidates directly into your Lever account after syncing each of your open positions with one-click.

In order to configure this integration, a few things must be true. If these are both true, check out the quick installation guide below.

  1. Your company needs to be a customer of both Purpose Jobs and Lever.

  2. Within Lever, you’ll need to have "Super Admin" access

Installation Guide

After logging into your Purpose Jobs account, navigate to Account Settings in the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard and select Integrations. Click on Lever and then choose Accept on the next page to authorize access to your profile.

You’re in! You'll know the integration was successful when the Lever logo is bordered with an Active tag as shown below.

Sync Jobs + Applicants

You can now export candidates from Purpose Jobs into Lever. To set up the automatic transfer, you must first manually sync your jobs between Purpose and your ATS. To begin, click Jobs on the left hand side of your screen. Choose the job(s) you want to connect with Lever by clicking Edit next to each role. On the next page, you'll see a Connect Lever Job option to link that job with a specific position in your ATS. Once you choose the job, click Save at the bottom of the page. Applicants to any synced jobs will now export to your Lever ATS automatically.

In addition, you will still be able to manually export candidate profiles from the candidate cards. As shown in the screenshot below, click the Share button and select Send to Lever.

Each exported profile will be in the New Lead section of your Lever pipeline. They will be automatically tagged with Purpose Jobs and the origin will be set as Sourced. Here’s what a Purpose Jobs candidate looks like in the Lever UI.

Email us at if you have questions about our Lever integration.

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