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Update Your Job Search Status
Update Your Job Search Status
How to accurately share where you are in your job search
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There are many stages to a job search. For many of us, it likely starts as a casual browsing before shifting into a full on search. Purpose Jobs provides a few different status options to help you accurately share where you are.

To view and/or update your job search status, log in to your Purpose Jobs account, clikc 'Profile', and scroll to the 'Where are you in your job search journey?' question. You can then select the correction option for you:

  • Just Exploring - You are casually browsing and/or open to outreach from employers.

  • Ready to interview - You are actively looking for a new job and applying.

  • Closed to offers - You are not looking for a new opportunity and are not discoverable by employers in the Purpose Jobs app.

Once you've made the update, don't forget to hit 'Save' at the bottom! Be sure to check that your resume, LinkedIn, and other profiles are also updated.

If you were hired by a Purpose Jobs partner employer, we want to hear about it! To report an offer or hire, email our team or fill out this survey to let us know!

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