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Attending a Purpose Jobs Career Fair
Attending a Purpose Jobs Career Fair
How to engage with employers at a Purpose Jobs career fair
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Congratulations on attending a Purpose Jobs career fair! We're so excited to have you. Let's walk through how it works.


Account Setup

In advance of the career fair, make sure you have created an account and completed your profile on the Purpose Job Board (which includes having a prepared resume). This will allow you to search for and view jobs.

Pre-Schedule Meetings

About 2-weeks before the career fair, scheduling links for employers participating in the pre-scheduled block will begin to go live on their open jobs. You can use these links to schedule one-on-one conversations with recruiters at these companies for the date of the career fair. To find these links, login to your account, navigate to the 'Jobs' tab on the left-hand side, and begin searching for roles. Participating employers will show a big, red button titled 'Schedule a Meeting' on their jobs (see image below).

Please do not schedule more than 1 meeting per employer. We are operating under an honor system and trust you to adhere to this rule.

If you don't get the chance to pre-schedule a meeting with a specific company, many will also host an open-house in which you can drop in to learn more. Visit our blog to find a list of employers participating in the career fair. This will share more about where they're hiring, what roles they have posted, and which event blocks they're participating in.


Pre-Scheduled Block

For any pre-scheduled meetings, join the link in the calendar invitation you should have received. Consider these meetings an interview: please be professionally dressed, show up on time, and be prepared to send a resume file.

Pre-scheduled links will remain live through the majority of pre-scheduled block of the event. Most scheduling links will allow you to schedule 10-minutes in advance if availability remains, so it's worth looking for openings during the event.

Open House Block

Following the pre-scheduled block, many employers will shift into an open house style. This will allow you to drop in to speak with their team. To engage with employers during this block, login to your account, navigate to the 'Jobs' tab on the left-hand side, and begin searching for roles. If an employer is in attendance at the career fair, you will see the red 'Chat Live Now' button on the job card as shown below. Click on the link to chat with the employer via their own personal video conferencing link. After your conversation is complete, navigate back to the Purpose Job Board and resume your search.

Note: These links will not be live until that event block begins. Check the schedule via the events page to learn more.


Be sure to set clear next steps with employers, take notes, and collect contact info where relevant.

For support during the event, please use the chat bot in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. The Purpose team will be standing by to support you.


After the event, be sure to follow-up to submit any applications or additional information agreed upon. Additionally, sending a thank you note via LinkedIn or email can go a long way in boosting your application.

Otherwise, continue to use the Purpose Job Board to search and apply to other positions. Be sure to let us know if you find success via our community.

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