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Receive Application Alerts via Slack
Receive Application Alerts via Slack
Stay up-to-date on new applications with alerts directly to your preferred Slack channel
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Staying up-to-date on new applications is important throughout your hiring process. You want to be able to act fast. If your organization is a Slack user, we have the perfect solution.

With our Purpose Jobs Slack integration, our Slack bot will send alerts to your preferred Slack channel, linking you directly to candidate profiles.

These alerts can be delivered weekly, daily, or immediately depending on your preference.

Setup the Integration

Login to the Purpose Jobs app. Begin by clicking the "Integrations" setting button in the bottom-left of your screen.

Scroll down to the "Why Connect Slack?" section. Click the "Connect Slack" button.

A second tab will open, prompting you to allow access to you default Slack workspace (or you may need to login to your workspace). Pick the channel you want the alerts to be sent to and click "Allow". We recommend selecting a shared channel with all relevant hiring manager or recruiters.

The Integrations page will now show which channel the application alerts are connected to.

Customize Notification Preferences

To customize how often the selected channel receives alerts, click the hyperlinked "menu" button in the box above or navigate to "Settings" and then "Notifications" via the profile icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Click the drop-down to select between weekly, daily, or immediately. Weekly alerts are sent on Monday mornings and daily alerts are sent in the mornings for each weekday. Alerts will only send if new applications have been submitted.

Receive Application Alerts

Watch application alerts flow in via Slack! Click on the link to look at a candidate's profile or login to your "Review Applicants" page.

Job no longer open? Close the job via your "Manage Jobs" page.

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